Job description

  • A successful track record of designing cloud-native solutions.
  • Ability to define clear requirements that cover all aspects of these features:
    ○ data models
    ○ server development
    ○ back-office UI and configurations
    ○ APIs and client integration.
  •  Ability to translate business requirements into architecture and technical design.
  •  Excellent oral and written communication skills when explaining new features,
    functions and flows.
  •  Ability to communicate new platforms, features and roadmaps to the entire organization.
    efficiently and fluidly.
  •  Experience working with high-performance platforms.
  •  Experience with Message Brokers and Event-Based Solutions
  •  Experience defining APIs and data flow between different platforms and components.
  •  Exposure to working on multiple projects in parallel through an Agile SDLC.
  •  Ideally coming from a development background


  • We required 8+ years of experience for this position.
  • Work closely with stakeholders and Business Analysts, transferring their business requirements into product requirements and roadmaps.
  • Lead the design and specification of all system components considering functionality, data, security, integration, infrastructure and performance.
  • Work closely with development teams ensuring understanding and buy-in of the proposed solutions.
  • Support the execution of the project by providing all required information to the development and QA teams.
  • Document the agreed solution, including architecture diagrams, APIs, DB schema, and data follow and provide support and guidance for using the new solutions.
  • Investigate leading products and platforms in the market and suggest new features and improvements to existing platforms.
  • Provide support to the team members by reviewing requirements and suggesting improvements to proposed solutions.


Location: Islamabad-Pakistan