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    With reliable and creative experts in a wide range of technical domains, businesses lean towards CodingKey to achieve their set goals with optimal results. We aim to find the solutions of the problems our clients face, and help them refine their ideas through strategic collaborations, resulting in fast paced product growth.

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    CodingKey is a team of senior industry professionals with proven delivery track record and international exposure

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    Our Core Services

    In a short time, CodingKey has achieved immense recognition across wide range of service domains

    Cloud Solutions
    We know data is the most important piece of your business. Our cloud solutions are digitally engineered to combine the security and scalability in an application that will run faster and require less maintenance.
    Mobile Apps Development
    We offer a full cycle of application design, integration, management services and efficient features that are user-friendly and increase productivity and sales. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or an enterprise-class solution, the company leads through the process of creating smart mobile solutions, from ideation and concept, to delivery, and to ongoing support.
    Quality Assurance
    We offer a comprehensive set of software quality assurance services which ensures concrete control over product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give accurate product quality information. Our QA experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and delivery of High-Quality Software within the required timeframe.
    Testing & Automation
    We ensure fast delivery of software without losing quality, as we employ a selected approach to automated QA where our team has standardized skills using various tools and technologies with minimizing risks. Our DevOps engineers and QA testers work side by side to allow for seamless and continuous agile delivery.
    Data Science
    Our team has an abundance of expertise in creating solutions for big data analysis, customer journey mapping, designing and implementing data warehousing systems. Our insight into business issues and opportunities allows our customers to generate both the right questions and the right answers.
    Internet of Things (IOT)
    Our IoT managed services are a set of end to end services designed to connect all your operations to a single network using sensors, software, network connectivity tools, and necessary electronics that not only let your business to enhance productivity but helps in providing you with the best IoT managed services to improve your current IoT solution and services even further.
    Infrastructure & Devops
    DevOps will automate and optimize your IT processes where our expert DevOps engineers will help attune the delivery, deployment, development, security, and support of any high-load, fail-safe system with microservices architecture — so your business strategy can always rely on high-quality software.
    UI/UX Design
    Want to build your product with a team that establishes a clear design process, meets deadlines, and delivers a spot-on end result? Our design team has created a large variety of applications and products for all major industries. Our designers work with you to understand your brand, challenges, business goals, and how your end users will interact with your product or application.
    Digital Marketing
    Our technology experts work hand in hand with your marketing team to help them get the most out of the software and platforms that underlie your digital marketing strategy in return that promotes your brand and drives sales. We provide the custom digital marketing solutions you need to add content across multiple channels, integrate your existing systems, and get your site running perfectly for great user experience.
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    Why CodingKey
    is the most preferred outsourcing partner for you

    Remote Collaborations
    Our decades of experience has taught us how to take care of the pain points in remote collaborations, through best practices and lean processes.
    Team of Professionals
    We always ensure to provide a team of senior professionals to bring reliability and predictability to project deliverables.
    CodingKey thrives off an environment where quality has evolved to become an embedded part of our teams culture.
    360 Degree Support
    We provide 360 degree support to our customers through a diverse skill set, involving all phases of product life cycle.
    We aim to be transparent in all aspects of our collaborations, to strengthen and support a long-term customer relationship.
    Data Privacy and IP
    We ensure appropriate legal and contractual measures, up to customers' satisfaction, to address any data privacy & IP concerns.


    What do people praise about CodingKey

    Director of Software Design & Delivery
    Innovation Consultancy
    I'm excited to share my excellent experience working with Coding Key. When partnering with a new team, communication and work quality are my deal-breakers, and I’m happy to say Coding Key shined in both areas. They weren’t just engineering experts but also a true pleasure to work with. They took the time to explore different technical paths for our project, doing all the necessary homework to ensure we were on solid ground. I always found their recommendations to be well thought out, clearly communicated and technically sound. Despite the project's evolving requirements, they consistently delivered top-notch work on time and within budget. I highly recommend Coding Key as a trustworthy and competent offshore development partner. They’ve earned my trust and respect, and I’m looking forward to our continued collaboration.
    VP Product Strategy
    Innovation Consultancy
    When developing new products, it’s important to understand the needs of the user and the value to be delivered, but capturing that accurately in a requirement can be challenging. I value partners that understand the intent, and rather than delivering a literal translation of the requirement, bring thoughtful recommendations for how to best meet the need while considering resource constraints and continued product evolution. Coding Key exceeded my expectations, and I value them as a partner in developing software products using emerging technologies.
    Zebulon Evans
    CTO - ClientPoint
    CodingKey has been a solid partner. They have been open, honest, and have been true members of the team since day one. Recruiting, training, managing and leveling up off-shore talent has become orders of magnitude easier and smoother. The management layer they provide has been top notch and has impacted process changes on-shore as well