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We ensure strategic value addition to your business growth through our competitive service offering

Our satisfied customer base holds testimony to the quality of work we offer. You can be assured of well-organized and hassle-free engagement by outsourcing your digital transformation to CodingKey. We assure you of an engagement that will solve your complex technical problems with an agile and innovative approach
Dedicated Customer Team
Dedicated Customer Team
A ‘Dedicated Team’ at CodingKey is characterized as an extension to customer’s team sitting at a distant development facility. Customer interacts with individual team members in a ‘white box’ setting on day to day basis through various collaboration tools to achieve project goals. This ‘white box’ setting allows a customer to maintain deeper insight of team’s daily routine, tasks management, productivity and internal collaboration with other team members. CodingKey facilitates the customer in team management and project delivery through various means and ensures mutual success by taking full responsibility of timely and quality delivery of assigned project(s)
Fixed Cost Model
This is the most commonly used standard delivery model in the industry where CodingKey analyzes and estimates project requirements, agree on a Fixed Price and Timeline with the customer, mobilize the team and kicks-off the project. This is usually a grey box engagement setting with limited access and communication with project team. CodingKey takes full responsibility of timelines and quality of delivery, within agreed upon price. Team selection and project execution is purely managed by CodingKey.
Dedicated Customer Team
Dedicated Customer Team
Partnership Model
This is a unique collaboration opportunity CodingKey offers to its valuable customers to facilitate low cost product development by investing its profits into product development. This is 100% transparent service model where CodingKey delivers the product as per usual terms stated in other engagement models and charges only the Actual Cost of Development that includes salary of developer and associated overheads. We exercise various modes of partnerships including revenue / profit sharing, shares in the business and regional sales rights.

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Why CodingKey
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Remote Collaborations
Our decades of experience has taught us how to take care of the pain points in remote collaborations, through best practices and lean processes.
Team of Professionals
We always ensure to provide a team of senior professionals to bring reliability and predictability to project deliverables.
CodingKey thrives off an environment where quality has evolved to become an embedded part of our teams culture.
360 Degree Support
We provide 360 degree support to our customers through a diverse skill set, involving all phases of product life cycle.
We aim to be transparent in all aspects of our collaborations, to strengthen and support a long-term customer relationship.
Data Privacy and IP
We ensure appropriate legal and contractual measures, up to customers' satisfaction, to address any data privacy & IP concerns.

What do people praise about CodingKey?

Zebulon Evans
CTO - ClientPoint
CodingKey has been a solid partner. They have been open, honest, and have been true members of the team since day one. Recruiting, training, managing and leveling up off-shore talent has become orders of magnitude easier and smoother. The management layer they provide has been top notch and has impacted process changes on-shore as well